New Logo and Website

Posted on by @FunkyM

New Logo and Website

Welcome to our new project website! Finally the old paint is gone and a new state of art modern look is here.

The website has been overhauled due to popular demand. We really needed a refresh. In that process upfront I decided to go for a full rebranding of the project, too.

Looking at the results I think it was worth the wait. The new colorful isometric logo that relates to the letters "L" and "i" alongside the flow of colors which symbolizes the "flow of communication and related components" should hopefully hit the spot of what the project stands for.

libimobiledevice logo

The next milestone is to integrate this page to be hosted using Github Pages. This should allow contributions for all content by the community! Looks like we arrived in the "static website generator era".

I really hope you guys enjoy the effort and there is much more coming in the next weeks!

P.S.: Just want to congratulate Inkscape to their fantastic 1.0 release. That helped all the way in our process so, "All your base are belong to us"!

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