Website up on GitHub

Posted on by @FunkyM

Website up on GitHub

This website is now up on GitHub! As announced before we have made the move to allow public contributions from the community.

This milestone switches hosting to use Github Pages.

If you want to contribute head over to the repository. It contains all the sources to generate this website and any changes are deployed upon pushing it to the master branch.

Fork it, change it and send a pull request.

A brief technology outline:

  • Static website generated using Cecil
  • Twig HTML templates using Bootstrap
  • Responsive design optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop
  • SASS based styles and optimized assets pipeline
  • Icons by Font Awesome
  • Syntax highlighting by Prism
  • Dynamic content based on GitHub API data
  • Automatically deployed using a GitHub Actions workflow for GitHub Pages
  • Hero animation using CSS and SVG image
  • Various CSS animations by animate-sass

Some areas that need work:

  • Migrate more content from templates into markdown files
  • Provide more examples and usage guides
  • Improve frequently asked questions and other sections
  • Automate generation of status page from external data

... and much more, looking forward to see great improvements from the community!

I really hope you guys enjoy the effort.

Next up are some releases and refactoring.

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